The secrets of a very active Facebook page with 200k followers

With all the talk about how things work on the different social media channels, I thought it may be helpful to take a few minutes and share a little inside look at what goes on behind the scenes on a Facebook page that I am a manager on. 
I will share several 'secrets' of how it maintains a very high level of engagement and how it has grown.

A little bit about 

The page was started a few years ago and has been grown completely organically. No paid promotion at all. 
Last night it reached the milestone of 200k followers. It was at 100k 5 months ago.
It has around 79,000 people 'talking about it' and has always had a very high level of engagement for the number of people that follow it.

It's important to note that Sweet Love it is not a brand page. There is no money involved.
It could, however, be sold or used by various companies to promote and direct people to other brand pages. That has been a consideration and there have been offers made to purchase the page.
It would be well suited to certain brands as a page that leads to other pages, which is actually one of it's main functions now.

Here are the Secrets...

The page is has 9 content creators and 7 managers. I am one of the managers.
The team is located in different time zones and around the world so that it is constantly fed with new content, mostly great pics found on the web.
24/7 engagement, and yes, we do actually talk to the people who leave comments. It is the right thing to do.

Over time, as pages have been reviewed and deemed to be doing a great job with their own audiences, direct contact has been made with other page managers and good, long term and mutually supportive relationships have been formed.
These are maintained by a few of the managers on our page.

We have mutual sharing agreements with a number of other large pages. Content from their pages is scheduled and shared at certain times throughout the day. This allows all the pages that cross-share to grow. Some of the pages that we share with are well over 500k followers of their own.

There is a tremendous amount of time on behalf of the managers of the pages we share with put into growing each of their pages. There is no magic. It is a lot of work and choosing of great content that suits each respective page. It takes time. There are no shortcuts.

Many of the admins on our page are also friends on our personal pages. We met first as friends and then became collaborators on pages together through getting to know each other with our dedication and desire to bring something good to the web.
Many of the page managers that I have connected with happened because I actually sent them direct messages with genuine appreciation for what they do on their page and recognizing how much effort they put into creating great content.

We are all part of a larger group of admins in a Facebook Group where we can share insights and discoveries as we go.
'The Admin Cafe' is a private group with over 100 individual page managers.

I am one of the managers of the group and it provides us all with an easy way to connect and share.
The value of a group page is that everybody is located in one place and we all have notifications turned on so we see the activity as it arises.
A few of the pages that are part of the group have over 1 million followers so when it comes to asking for a little cross sharing, the leverage we all have is quite powerful. Lots of friendly helping hands.

While I do create content and manage a number of different things on the web, I also follow the discussions, posts and the talk about how things work on the various social media platforms.
I almost never see these points being talked about but I can assure you, they are noteworthy.
Our 'page data' shows just how effective this type of construct works.

If I was to create a new visual post on my SocioVisual Facebook page and share it to Sweet Love at the right time, I will see about 20 new followers on my page within an hour. 

With what I have shared above I have added 5500+ new followers to my page in 10 months and all I really use my page for is to test content. I don't try to sell anything but it has given me a year of really good insight into what actually works as far as content creation goes.
It works that well for anyone we bring into the group. Pages start to grow automatically and fast.

is one that many people don't even think about.

The reason that Sweet Love added 100,000 new followers in about 5 months is quite simple.

This 'matrix' is masterfully woven and it works for everyone because it is based on:
Mutual respect, support, admiration and genuine appreciation.

From the content to the friendships and all the effort in between to bring good things to the world, it really comes down to one thing and it 
is the same thing that most people want in their day to day lives.
It really is 'all about the love'.
It is what comes first, it is the foundation.
A base intention of doing good things for others is a great place to start with anything on the web. People truly appreciate it, share, comment on and ask for more of the same.

I call these 'secrets' because they are points I rarely see talked about. 

By sharing them I hope they add a bit of dimension to how you look at whichever channels you use. Facebook is an amazing testing ground for content so that is where I have done most of mine.

No matter what happens with which channels on the web, these are not so much secrets as they are good, sound principals, applicable beyond the web into all interactions. 

If you'd like to interact a bit more, send me an email.
I am always happy to share. :)

- Steve