A picture will always be worth every second a person chooses to stare at it.

As we all know, we are inundated with information on all levels. Period.

One of the kindest things you can do in an inundated world is give people a bite sized piece of what you wish to share and then, if they want more, a manageable size bite after that.

Start with a picture that conveys the message all by itself, then expand on that with a little 'brain snack' to make the reader feel good. Starting with that as the basic goal is a nice way to silently request a few more seconds of their precious time.

Always choose a single image that will visually convey your point without words, make your words tie back into the picture so the impression is more lasting and you will find you have a much more captive audience.

Just like you see in the picture below.
Some things will never change.