An in depth look (via a simple chart) at what goes into multiplatform / transmedia production.

From a great article by Gary Hayes:
or truly integrated cross-channel or merged media story driven products, the best process is where they all run in parallel. They still keep to their own rigid production sequence but wherever possible, they run together. So concepts and stories across Film, Multiplatform and Games are mapped out at the same time. The overall planning and pre-production are hand-in-hand and so on. Below is what an ideal production process might look like. Each of the components within the 6 stages across the 3 key media types, synchronized.
Parallel Production
"The advantages of this are immense. Shared promotion, shared asset production, shared story building and so on."

Below is "A 15 minute overview presentation which covers some of the persisting issues with parallel media production embedded from slideshare."
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