Can you say 'KaBOOOOOOOM'???

By Steven Robinson -

It's been a long time since I've written anything like this but I think it's about time.
I'm pretty blown away by what I'm about to share with you.

First of all, about six months ago I would've been typing this.
Right now I'm actually speaking it to my computer.

That's nothing.

I've been using the web in my professional career since it first came out and since the beginning of the first WordPress and Blogger blogs I have been poking around online.

I have been exploring, looking and getting onto every platform that has been developed in social media since they started.
I'm talking about Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flikr, Vimeo, Behance and all the others you can think of. The ones that I'm not on I've at least checked out.
I have seen all of their changes along the way and now, after becoming 'one' with technology over many years, I can even see the slight algorithm changes that happen on the fly in the background.

I cannot even explain the improvements that have been made to these social media channels or platforms recently.

In the last year as I worked in social media for various clients and as I filled the web with my work and my new branding, I have been constantly updating my profiles to reflect what I do as I learn and grow my skills. I have been on them almost daily for hours and hours and I just noticed something that I never noticed before.

At the exact same time I have been doing this, they have all been changing the entire underlying architecture of their platforms and every one of them has been learning from the other as they do it.

So... Linkedin has been studying Facebook, Facebook has been studying Google, Google has been studying all the others etc. and each and every one of them has improved their platform to the point where they're essentially all the same but different in their own way.
Many of them have groups and messaging, sharing, picture uploads etc etc. and they all share content well between each other now too.
That was a problem for quite some time.

As a creative person who has been on computers since the first desktop publishing unit came, I can tell you the amount of creativity that is going into these online platforms and social media technologies is absolutely mind blowing.
Some people see a little of it here and there, I've been absorbing the entire thing all along and the evolution of the web is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.

It's been more then a little daunting at times but now that they have all 'gotten their architecture worked out properly I must say 'hats off' to the people behind these platforms.
They have created the master forums that anybody can get onto, use, engage with, learn from, build their own pages on and then share right across the map with anybody they want.
Almost with the same fluidity that you would have if you were just turning and sharing with and speaking to a bunch of different people in the room you are in.... kind of like what I'm doing right now.... speaking to you... through my computer.... sharing words and pictures, thoughts and ideas, discoveries and news, almost in real time, like you're sitting right there.

People can say all they want about big brother and privacy issues and who owns what 'data' and there will always be something to complain about but considering there are so many of us who used to get letters in the mail, chat on dial-up telephones and get 3 TV stations in all, right now.... it's pretty freaking amazing.
pretty freakin' wild.

It's not been an easy curve to follow at all but I'm glad I've seen the whole thing and it is fiiiiiiiinally leveling out.

I much prefer a blown mind over banging my head against the keyboard. 
Just sayin'. ;)

- Steve Robinson