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Here are a few of the author's comments on what are some of the specific problems he sees most and the areas we are ideally suited to help with.

1. Lack of understanding what image they are trying to project
You need to understand this from the start and have a style behind the image, along with substance to back it up. It also needs to resonate with key audiences. Most are not consciously sculpting how they are perceived or creating any reason they should get noticed in the first place.

2. No path to acquire and grow an audience
It’s not enough to figure out ways to gain attention from random people for fleeting moments. You need to find a way to market to target groups consistently over time. And the tactics used should be compelling enough not just to attract an audience, but inspire the audience to grow itself. (Our actual Mission as a design firm)

3. No cohesion of content
Lack of consistent voice/personality behind content will never allow you to build cohesion and have your ideas/perspective reach critical mass. You need this in order to condition others to share your ideas.